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Chantell Preston is your partner in unlocking the true potential of high-powered women and driving corporate growth through understanding, empowerment, and strategic planning.

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Chantell, drawing from her life experiences, inspires and motivates through personal stories of triumphs and challenges. Attendees leave with practical tools and a call to action. Her topics include mental resilience in the corporate world, smart growth strategies for long-term success, and thriving in a demanding environment by striking a balance.

Partner with Chantell for Corporate Strategic Planning that fosters sustainable growth and empowers your workforce.
Real change takes time. Chantell’s GET REAL, GET REAL RESULTS formula ensures transformation. Through an intake process, she customizes workshops to address specific areas of growth across your organization.
Strategic growth is accelerated when women are given the tools and support they need. Chantell empowers women to thrive, creating a win-win scenario for both individuals and the corporation.

Gryphon Healthcare

“Chantell’s workshop for our women leaders was nothing short of transformative. Her unique approach to leadership development resonated profoundly with our team. Chantell’s expertise and genuine passion for empowering women in leadership were evident throughout the session. She provided practical tools and actionable strategies that our leaders could immediately implement in their roles. The feedback from our team has been overwhelmingly positive, with participants expressing a newfound sense of confidence and purpose. Chantell’s workshop not only elevated our team’s performance but also fostered a more inclusive and supportive work environment. We highly recommend Chantell for any organization looking to empower and develop their women leaders.”


“Chantell’s training was a powerful catalyst for our women leaders, equipping them with practical tools for success.”

About Chantell Preston

Chantell Preston has 25+ years of experience in healthcare operations, positive development, and strategic advisement. Through her leadership, Chantell empowers other women to invest in their authenticity, natural strengths, and long-term growth, challenging negative self-perception issues such as imposter syndrome. Through her own experiences, failures and successes, Chantell creates a space for women to become their best advocates, encouraging confident thought patterns and the ability to lean into challenges and risks.

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